What Different Garage Door Styles Are Available?

Garage doors don’t always attract a lot of attention from those looking to improve their property. As we’ve discussed in one of our previous posts, other parts of a house will, more often than not, seem more urgent to those seeking home improvements.

If you’ve already decided that you do want a new one, though, it can be difficult to decide on a style. Not only are there a great number of variations out there, but the relative lack of importance typically attributed to garage doors puts researching your options even further down the list. Here, we consider what your options are regarding garage door styles:

Overhead Canopy

Probably the most well-known of all garage door variations, the overhead canopy is a simple, easy design. It involves a single door that can be lifted and held just below the garage ceiling using a torsion spring. Its simple design means it’s relatively easy to install and operate. There is, however, space required outside with this style; there needs to be enough room for the door to swing out, before it is held above. There is also an overhang that protrudes out of the garage while the door is open.


Similarly to the overhead canopy style, the retractable style is becoming increasingly popular as it doesn’t require any cables, and can be easily converted into a remote control system. The main difference between the retractable and canopy styles is the lack of a protruding “canopy”. The whole door is retracted back into the garage. Space is still required in front of the garage while the door swings up, however.


The sectional garage door requires absolutely no room to swing out. This is its primary advantage over the previous two styles. It also, however, involves exceptional sealing properties, runs very smoothly, and can be made automatic. Generally, the door can be very large, which is ideal if your garage unusually tall or wide; the mechanism involves two horizontal tracks, running along the ceiling.


Roller doors consist of individual slats that, together, make up the whole door. These slats roll up when the door opens, causing the door to slide upwards. The majority of these doors involve remote controls, which makes it less likely that your door will become a safety risk. There is also comparatively little room required for this style, with the barrel sitting just behind the door, below the ceiling.

Bullet Garage Doors

Above, we’ve listed a small number of the garage door styles available at Bullet Garage Doors. For more information about the other styles we offer, get in touch with us.

While we can’t choose the best garage door style for you without meeting you, we would be more than happy to offer some impartial advice regarding the best garage door styles for you. Contact the Bullet Garage Doors team on 01582 932 025, or fill out one of our online contact forms.