Three Simple Steps to Increase Garage Door Security

Garage door security is incredibly important. Garages often hold a number of very valuable items, making them a common target for thieves. As a result, it is essential that potential entry points to your garage are safe and secured, not allowing anyone to enter who shouldn’t have access.

Back in December, we spoke about ways to increase garage door security in winter, but we thought it was worth repeating a number of months down the line. While the principles are largely the same, we’ve included some extra tips and pieces of advice to further help you out with these three steps.


1. Keep it shut!

We’ll start off obvious, but this point is also one of the most important. There’s no point in enhancing your garage door security capabilities if you leave everything unlocked. During the summer months, it can be incredibly tempting to leave a number of doors open, especially when you’re in quieter, less built-up areas. We advise that you always keep your garage door locked, though.

Thieves will often attempt to gain easy access to doors and simply move on if everything is secure – a lot of them are opportunistic and won’t go to too much trouble if it involves any complications. Often, the potential risk of operating in broad daylight won’t put them off, either, especially if it seems like no-one’s around. Don’t fall foul of these kinds of crimes, and keep your garage locked.


2. Maintenance

A new, fully operational garage door is, quite simply, a lot more secure than one that’s twenty years old and rusting. Holes and broken mechanisms will make it a lot easier for someone to gain access. Any material bears the brunt of standard wear and tear if it’s not looked after and maintained adequately.

Taking the time to look after your garage door, either by conducting frequent checks and keeping everything clean, or by consulting a professional garage door company about more significant repairs, will make it as tough as possible for someone to break in. A large part of garage door security is all about maintenance and basics, so make sure you get this side of things spot on.


3. Lighting

Motion activated lights outside the garage door can be exceptionally effective as a deterrent. The last thing a thief wants is to do is get caught, and shining a bright light on them midway through the act is a great way to make that more likely. Even if they don’t end up getting caught, they’ll have to run away very quickly, leaving your garage and its contents in peace.


Bullet Garage Doors for Garage Door Security

If our three steps have made sense to you, or your would like more information about garage door security, why not get in touch with us? We’re more than happy to offer some impartial, practical advice, and have years of experience to call upon. You can fill out one of our online contact forms, or call us on 01582 932 025.