How to Promote Child Safety in the Garage

Constantly monitoring children is no easy feat; always off on an adventure and moving at the speed of light, keeping an eye on the little ones is certainly a full time job. If there’s one place, however, where they should always be under observation, it’s the garage. A storage place for tools, vehicles, and other household paraphernalia, there are many opportunities for your little one to be injured, which is why Bullet Garage Doors have put together four ways you can encourage child safety in the garage:


Promote Child Safety in the Garage by Storing Things up High

It is all too easily to become complacent with your garage storage habits and leave hazardous objects such as dangerous liquids and sharp tools lying around, ready to be picked up by your little ones. Even if you don’t leave things scattered on the floor and use a shelving unit, you may still be compromising on child safety in the garage, as the shelves are often at a height that is easily accessible to a child.

Counter this risk by ensuring that the shelves of your storage are situated high enough that a child cannot reach even if they were to stretch, placing any perilous items on the topmost platforms. It is also a good idea to bolt your storage unit to the wall so they cannot be pulled over as well as taking away anything that your child could use as a platform to reach your shelves.


Install Locks on Your Appliances and Storage Units

Curious minds lead to inquisitive fingers; whilst the imagination of a child is a wonderful thing, it can prove detrimental in your garage, a place where different kinds of containers look like treasure chests and there is an abundance of things to explore. Place strong locks on anything that would prove appealing to your little one and accordingly compromise child safety in the garage – this includes items such as freezers, fridges, and toolboxes.


Monitor the Little Ones around the Garage Door

It may come as a surprise but your garage door can pose a serious risk to the wellbeing of your children. From trapped fingers in the closing mechanisms to getting caught in a closing automatic garage door, there is more than one way that a little one can be injured. Following a few easy but effective principles, however, will help to promote child safety in your garage and avoid costly repair bills for your garage door. Ensure that you keep the garage door remote out of sight so that your little ones aren’t tempted to play around with the device. Furthermore, don’t let your children swing on the door, watch them near the mechanisms, and double check there is no one beside your automatic garage door before closing.


Use a Reliable Garage Door Company to Install Your Door

Child safety in the garage begins with a sturdy garage door that has been installed by trustworthy professionals. Having a brand new garage door gives you peace of mind that there won’t be any nasty surprises, such as the door coming off its hinges or a cable snapping. It is crucial to remember if you notice any warning signs that you need a garage door repair, consult an expert immediately and don’t simply ignore the issue, as it may be beyond repair and need completely replacing.


Don’t wait any longer to make sure that your garage door is safe and durable. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at Bullet Garage Doors and we will be happy to come out, inspect your garage door, and then recommend the best solution for your needs. You can reach us by calling on 01582 9320 or by completing our online enquiry form.