Garage Security in Winter

Imagine coming home from work on Christmas Eve, heading to the garage to bring in all of the presents hidden away from prying eyes, only to find that someone has broken in and the gifts have been stolen, as well as other tools and household paraphernalia stored inside. Such a scenario is awful to comprehend, but carelessness and the onset of darker days make your garage very desirable to burglars. Below, Bullet Garage Doors offer four solutions to encourage good garage security practice this winter:


Remember to Lock Up

Such a simple part of garage security, but one that many people are guilty of forgetting, locking your garage door whenever you are not inside the garage – and especially at night – is the first step to preventing thieves from gaining access. This includes any internal doors that lead directly into the house, because, in the eventuality of a break-in, you do not want burglars to enter the main part of your home. Train yourself into the habit of locking up by setting an alarm on your phone that will remind you to check the garage as soon as it gets dark.


Regularly Check and Maintain Your Garage Door

Frequently inspect your garage door for any indications of faults or problems that could impact its ability to function and shut properly, thereby compromising garage security. Why not take a read of our blog on how to tell if your garage door needs a repair? It could need replacing altogether if there has been excessive damage or if it is a much older model and therefore simply on its last legs. Investing in a brand new garage door will give you the peace of mind that your garage is protected by the latest technology whilst also looking modern and stylish.


Don’t Leave Garage Access Remotes in Your Vehicle

If you have an automated garage door that uses a control to remotely open and close, it can be very tempting to simply leave this in your car, often in plain sight of passersby. Should someone gain the opportunity to break into your car, it is only a matter of taking the control and they can freely enter your garage and help themselves to what’s inside. Bring the control into the house at the end of each day and place this in a drawer so that it is out of view of windows and doors.


Install Motion Activated Garage Lights for Garage Security

Our final suggestion to increase your garage security is to make the idea of breaking into your garage as unappealing as possible to potential thieves. Installing motion sensor security floodlights will deter unwelcome visitors and alert you if someone is trying to gain unauthorised access to your garage late at night. You can also purchase a range of battery operated alarms that will continue to work during a power cut, making them an ideal security solution all year round.


If you are concerned about the safety of your garage and need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team at Bullet Garage Doors. We are experts in garage door repairs and installation, and are confident that we can find the perfect garage door solution for you. Contact us today by calling on 01582 932025 or by completing our quick and easy online form.