How to Organise Your Garage

“I think it’s in the garage, I’ll go and have a look”, he said, completely unaware of what was about to meet his eyes. Out of the dining room and across the landing he walked, until he reached the inside garage door.Click. He turned the key in the lock, opened the door, and despair flooded through him. He had meant to clean it up in here a while ago, over the summer .. last summer, the summer before?


Does any of that sound familiar? The chances are that, if it does, your garage isn’t particularly well organised. It’s not that surprising; it can be incredibly difficult to organise your garage out if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, Bullet Garage Doors are here to offer you some friendly advice on how to do exactly that.

Devise a system

The focal point of everything we’re going to talk about is organisation, but you can’t organise your garage effectively without some idea of how you want everything to look. For example, do you want your bikes to be easily accessible, and for your trusty toolbox to be in the most accessible drawer? Such considerations as these are very important when working out how to optimise your garage. Take some time to prioritise your items in order of importance, frequency of use, and necessary ease of access.



With this last point in mind, it can be helpful to split your garage up into zones. For example, choose one of your four corners as the place you’ll keep your tools, and stick to it. That way, it’ll be much easier to find something as you’ll know where to look. If you’re going to organise your garage in such a way, though, you need to be strict with yourself. Don’t put your tools in the wrong corner, or you’ll throw everything off.


Use the space

While not a prerequisite these days, many people still choose to keep their car in the garage. That makes it difficult to use your floor space, as the majority of it is taken up by your cars or vehicles. Thankfully, the floor isn’t the only surface in a garage. If you don’t have shelving, consider putting some up; it’s an excellent option for storing tools, sports equipment, and all manner of other items. Don’t limit yourself to just the walls, though. Your ceiling has the potential to hold large items such as brooms and rakes; just make sure everything is secure before you start hanging things overhead.


Do something completely different

You don’t have to organise your garage with storage in mind. There are a multitude of other uses for your garage, and we’ve spoken about some of them previously. If you’re tired of having a room in the house where everything gets dumped, then consider making a more drastic switch.



Taking the time to organise your garage is worth it. It might take you a few hours to get everything where you want it, but once you’ve got a system that works for you, you’ll be able to put an end to painfully long searches in tool boxes, under desks, and behind ladders.


Bullet Garage Doors

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