Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

With golden leaves underfoot, dropping temperatures, and shorter days, we are now undeniably moving towards winter. Many of us will forget about or neglect our garage doors during this season, which can lead to a huge array of problems and expense further down line. Bullet Garage Doors have therefore compiled four ways that you can prepare your garage door for winter:


Lubricate Your Garage Door

One of the first things you can do to prepare your garage door for winter is to properly lubricate and clean all of its mechanics and metal components. By doing so you will enjoy smooth and consistent movement when opening and closing your garage door throughout the day. Should your garage door continue to experience issues then you may need to arrange a repair with our expert team here at Bullet Garage Doors.

Make Sure Your Door is Properly Insulated and Weatherproof

Insulation and correct weatherproofing are key to ensuring that valuables and items stored within your garage stay dry and protected. Carry out frequent inspections for any gaps or holes around your garage door as this will indicate that your sealant needs replacing. Furthermore, it is worthwhile treating your door appropriately depending upon its material; wooden garage doors benefit from a stain that can guard against rotting whilst still maintaining the integrity of the wood, whilst metal doors should be painted to protect against rust.

Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter by Guarding against Thieves

Shortened daylight hours in winter can, unfortunately, encourage burglars to try their luck and break into your property. Many of us keep expensive tools and unused household items in our garages, therefore this makes them an extremely tempting target for thieves. You can help deter such incidents and prepare your garage door for winter by ensuring that your locks are strong, durable, and haven’t been tampered with in any way. It’s also a good idea to install lights at either end of the garage to give you better visibility outside your home.

Replace an Ailing Garage Door

Sometimes the best way to prepare your garage door for winter is to simply replace an old and tired model with a brand new one. We offer a broad range of contemporary and traditional garage doors that are durable, waterproof, and completely secure, to give you complete peace of mind during the colder season.


Whether you need a brand new garage door or a repair to your existing one, the friendly team at Bullet Garage Doors are here to provide expert help and assistance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01582 932025 or via our contact form.