A Breakdown of Sectional Garage Doors

image of a grey garage door

Sectional garage doors are named as such due to the way each section of the door moves. When opened, each section of the door runs along horizontal and then vertical tracks for a smooth operation.

We discuss the workings of these garage doors further and the many benefits they provide.


Due to its construction, a sectional garage door may be used in various shaped openings, including non-standard arched openings.

Unlike a standard up and over garage door, a sectional door pulls straight up without taking up any space outside the garage. Consequently, cars can be parked up close to the garage door, without restricting the movement of it.

Once fully opened, the sectional garage door provides maximum headroom, benefiting those with larger vehicles. Sectional garage doors are flexible in their design and may be operated manually or electrically.


Depending on the type of sectional garage door you invest in, you could benefit from insulating foam filled panels to help regulate the temperature of the space. In addition to insulated panels, all sectional doors feature rubber seals, helping to prevent rain, insects and debris finding its way into the garage.


Sectional garage doors can come in a wide variety of designs and finishes to complement your the outside of your home. Whether you are looking for a woodgrain finish or a shiny gloss, paint finish, you’ll find a lot of choice on the market.

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