Benefits of Timber Garage Doors

There is a wide range of wooden garage doors on the market, coming in various styles and wood shades. The variety of choice is one of the reasons they are still popular in the modern-day;

Great insulation to help keep the space at a stable temperature
Aesthetically pleasing
A variety of styles to choose from

Let’s take a look at these advantages in further detail, so you can decide if a wooden garage door is for you.


Timber is a naturally insulating material and, along with the seals on your garage door, will keep most of the outside air out of the space, helping to regulate the temperature. Whilst you might not mind the garage being cold, if you use it to store your car, if you use your garage as an extra storeroom, playroom or home office, regulating the temperature could prove advantageous.


Wooden garage doors look great on both modern and traditional homes. What’s more, wooden garage doors come in a plethora of designs, and may even be finished to your desired shade. Wooden garage doors stand out against the standard roller doors and add an attractive design to what can otherwise be a fairly standard addition to the house.


If you take care of your wooden garage door, it should last around 20 years. Wooden garage doors are typically made of timber, a type of wood that is often used for structural purposes.

Bullet Garage Doors – Installations

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