Garage Doors with Minimal Upkeep

Many people don’t realise that most garage doors need maintenance, whether it is cleaning, lubricating parts, or repainting, there are things to do to maximise the aesthetics and security of your garage.

However, some doors require more upkeep than others.  For example, timber garage doors may need re-sanding or finishing, granted this may be many years after it is installed but it is still worth bearing in mind.  Garage doors may also wear out faster or need more upkeep depending on how often it is used.

Here are the top three garage door types that may not need as much upkeep:

GRP Garage Doors

GRP garage doors are made from glass reinforced polyester.  This type of garage door is very durable and requires little to no maintenance. Washing the door every now and then with water will ensure it looks its best for many years.

Steel Garage Doors

Again these are very durable and offer good protection against theft.  Steel doors come in different finishes but generally keep it clean with some diluted washing up liquid.

Roller Garage Doors

Keep an eye on parts such as springs and cables, and keep things lubricated to ensure smooth running.  If you spot something that looks broken call out one of our technicians, as parts such as springs are under a lot of pressure which could cause injury.

Side Note: Sensors

If your garage door is automated, this will also need maintenance.  Make sure to wipe the sensor to ensure grime hasn’t built up. And check the sensor batteries if it stops working!


Bullet Garage Doors

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