Why You Shouldn’t Carry Out Garage Door Repairs Yourself

Sometimes, things happen and you may run into a problem with your garage door. Whether it feels looser than it usually does, isn't opening or closing as smoothly or isn’t shutting properly, it can be tempting to take a look and carry out the repairs yourself. We provide a plethora of advice when it comes to maintaining your garage doors, but for our latest post, we’re going to be discussing just a few of the many reasons it’s always best to seek professional advice, instead of carrying out repairs on your garage door by yourself.

You Could Aggravate the Problem

Garage doors look simple enough, but there are actually quite a few mechanisms in place that make it work. If you spot the sign of a problem with your door, moving, tightening or loosening things can make the problem worse, or cause irreparable damage.

Additionally, without the eye of an expert on the case, you could end up fixing the symptom of the issue, rather than the underlying issue itself, meaning the problem will come back in time.

You May Injure Yourself

Garage doors are large and heavy, and carrying out repairs yourself could lead to injury. To put this into perspective, garage doors weigh in excess of 50kg, with some models being over 100kg, depending on the material they are made from.

If a garage door should fall, it could damage items in your garage, the floor, you or a pet.

Aside from the garage door, you should be mindful of the springs used to support the weight of the garage door. Should these springs be disrupted and break, they will move unpredictably and could lead to damage of your face, eye or any other body part.

Could End up Costing More

Of course, if you do carry out garage door repairs yourself and this results in the problem worsening, you could end up paying more than you would have originally. Whilst undertaking repairs can seem like a way to save money, it doesn't always end up this way.

Bullet Garage Doors

Here at Bullet Garage Doors, we have many years of experience in repairing and replacing garage doors. If you have spotted signs of a problem with your garage door, please get in touch today. We can inspect and fix most problems on the same day. Call 01582 932025 or send your enquiry through to our enquiry form.

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