The Real Uses of UK Garages

Ask the average person what their garage is used for and we’ll bet that many people would tell you they don't actually use it to park their car. So for all their advantages, what is the average UK homeowner using their garage for? In our latest post, we take a look at how garages are actually being used and why we’re no longer so precious about safely storing away our vehicles at night.

Whilst the cost of the average UK car is around £14,000, it is estimated that garages used for storage are commonly filled with over £1,500 worth of “stuff”, equating to a cool £7.6 billion in total. Let’s take a look at what’s taking up our valued space:

DIY Tools – 76%
Decorating Equipment / Ladders – 67%
Gardening Equipment – 64%
Sports and Gym Equipment – 49%
Bikes and Scooters – 47%
Scrap Wood – 42%
Fridges and Freezers – 35%
Food and Drink – 25%
Shoes, Boots and Coats – 18%
Motorbike – 10%

Why We Don’t Use The Garage for Our Cars

A report from the RAC concluded that Britan was a nation of hoarders that were simply filling their garage with things they don’t want to part with. However, it seems that there is another reason for our cars being placed on the road, instead of inside.

Nowadays, thankfully, our cars are a lot more reliable and less prone to rust and false starts on frosty mornings. Consequently, there is less need for them to be kept under shelter.

Another reason for motorists forgoing the garage is the lack of room. Even without any clutter, it seems that our garages were built for smaller cars from yesteryear and simply don’t have the capacity to accommodate the larger vehicles we use today. In fact, this is a common bug-bear for those that purchased their house for the guaranteed parking spot that comes with owning a garage.

Bullet Garage Doors

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