Preventing Your Garage Door From Freezing Shut

The nights are drawing in and the cold weather is here to stay for a while. When you get home from work, the last thing you’ll want to contend with is a garage door that won’t open.

In extremely cold weather, your garage door can freeze shut or become squeaky and cranky upon opening. Ensure you don’t get caught short this winter and take these tips.

Snowy Conditions

If a layer of snow has built up around and in front of your garage door, make sure you remove it as soon as possible. The same advice applies to any debris or leaves that may accumulate near your garage door. Whilst they may not prevent the door from opening, they are just another obstacle that can be easily removed to ensure the door opens smoothly.

Keep a Lubricant Handy

Garage door lubricants are handy things to have at this time of year. Not only can they go some way towards preventing ice formation, they can also stop your door from making noise when opened.

Prevent Ice Formation

If you have a problem with ice forming at the bottom of your garage door, put a layer of salt down in front of the door. The salt will prevent ice from forming and keep your garage door opening smoothly throughout the cold months.

Keep the Door Clean

Whilst you don’t want to lubricate the tracks of the garage door, you do want to keep them clean, as with every other part of the door.

Keeping the door clean will ensure that all moving parts can move seamlessly, without obstruction.

Bullet Garage Doors

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