Common Garage Door Faults Solved

Garage doors can last for many years when installed by a professional. When a problem does occur, it doesn’t always mean that you need a new garage door and a repair may be the best option, saving you both time and money.

Below we’ve listed some of the most common problems that can often be solved with a repair and take a look at what causes them.

Stiff Tracks and Rollers

If you are finding it difficult to move your garage when opening or closing it, the garage may have stiff tracks and rollers, which could be caused by as something as simple as debris. Sometimes all this issue needs to be resolved is a good clean, however, for older garage doors, you may need to add extra lubrication.

If you are still having problems after removing any excess debris and lubricating the area, there may be a misalignment issue, causing the garage door to feel stiff when you try to move it. There may be solutions to this issue, depending on the severity of the problem, so it is advisable to contact a professional garage door repairer.

Garage Door Slamming Shut

It is the cables and springs of the garage that ensure it opens and closes in a controlled manner. If the cables or springs of the garage become damaged, you may find that the garage slams shut.

As issues with the springs and the cables of the garage can cause similar issues, if you can’t see any issues with the springs, you should turn your attention to the cables. Handling damages cables and springs could put you at risk of injury, so always invest in the services of a professional if you believe this is the cause of the issue.

Garage Door Keeps Closing

A garage door that keeps closing is very annoying, especially if you are using the garage for various things and need to go in and out of this space.

If the garage door won’t stay open, this may indicate an issue with the springs, which are vital for holding the weight of the door. Due to the weight of the door, it is always advised to call in a professional if the weight of the door is no longer being supported by the springs.

Call Bullet Garage Doors for Repairs

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