When It’s Time for a New Garage Door

A new garage door is often not top of the list when it comes to deciding what needs work around the house. Many people feel that devoting attention to the bathroom, kitchen, or garden normally results in more spectacular end products. A garage door, however, is a crucial part of your home’s security, especially if your garage contains anything you care about. Here, Bullet Garage Doors explains when you might be in need of a new one.

The door is clearly significantly damaged

Often, garage doors will display signs of wear and tear as they get older. While the odd scratch or dirty panel might be tolerable, more significant damage brings you into dangerous territory. If the door doesn’t shut properly, or could provide an access point to the inside, then theft is a very real danger. Garage theft is not uncommon, and an obviously damaged door is essentially an open invitation for potential thieves. Although certain issues will be repairable, more serious problems will require a new garage door. Without seeing the door, it is impossible to say which category your door falls into, but any major issues such as missing panels, holes, or serious breakages are more likely to warrant a replacement. If you are in any doubt, though, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The door doesn’t look good

Again, this is an easy issue to ignore. While a shiny new front door might seem like a more urgent priority, garage doors are very noticeable on any property with a front-facing garage. As the majority of garages are front-facing, the likelihood is that your home will fall into this category. An easy way to boost the appeal or market value of your home is to install a new garage door. Choosing the right style for your house is important, but provided you choose well the kerb appeal of your home will increase dramatically. A run-down garage door often has a negative visual effect on the entire surrounding area, let alone just the house it is attached to. On the other hand, a smart, clean, new garage door will complement a good looking house, and make its best features more noticeable.

The door is unsafe

As with most of these issues, if your door’s safety has not been significantly compromised, then a repair might be more appropriate. If, however, the door is a serious risk to its surroundings, then a new garage door might be necessary. Faulty springs and loose fittings are all too often overlooked, and can seriously damage your garage door or cause personal injury. Garage doors can be susceptible to collapsing when they are either damaged, old, or badly designed. Not only does this mean your home’s occupants are at risk, but it could also damage other parts of your garage or house, and their contents.

You wish to upgrade security

Sometimes, there will be absolutely nothing wrong with your door, but you might be storing valuable items inside. If your door is penetrable even when it works fully, it might lack some important security features. For example, an automated, new garage can significantly bolster security, keeping all of your belongings safe. Automations aside, replacing an old door with a new one will have the added benefits of increased security. The newer the door, the less chance of something going wrong!

While a new garage door is clearly not the solution to all garage door issues, it is sometimes necessary. If you feel that any of the issues above are applicable to you, then please get in touch with us at Bullet Garage Doors. We would absolutely love to hear from you, and are happy to help in whatever way we can. Should you wish to get in touch, you can reach us on 01582 932025, or fill out an online contact form. Don’t ignore your garage door!