A Guide to Converting Your Garage

In a previous blog post, we spoke about the various things people use their garages for in the UK. Interestingly, a great portion of people are no longer using this space to park their cars. In our latest post, we’ll be discussing the possibility of converting your garage, if this could add value to your home and the things you’ll need to consider before doing so.

Will a Garage Conversion Increase my House Value?

Estimates suggest that converting your garage could add up to 10% of the property price. You will, however, want to take into consideration the parking in your area. If the garage is big enough to park a car and you then convert it, leaving only on-street parking, you could turn some buyers off.

Before converting your garage, it is best to consider all aspects of your property, including the flow of the house, accessing the garage and what you will do with the items you currently store in this space.

Does a Garage Conversion Require Planning Permission?

Providing that you are not altering the structure of a garage, you will not require planning permission. If you live in a conservation area or a listed building, however, you may be subject to certain restrictions.

Converting your garage, however, will mean that you are changing its use and there will be certain things required in order to remain in-line with building regulations:

moisture proofing
escape routes
structural soundness.

Preserving Your Garage Door

Just because you are converting the space, doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your garage doors. If your current garage door is outdated you could consider updating the door to improve the aesthetics of the room. Keeping the garage door, however, will mean that you preserve the use of the space, should the new owners in the future wish to turn it back into a conventional garage. To let in natural light to the space, you could opt for a garage door that features frosted glass windows.

Bullet Garage Doors

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